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Price List

:: Treatment Advisory ::
With every treatment given your medical history and some general questions on health and lifestyle will be taken and recorded as part of your consultation, this should take 10-15 minutes. The information given will be treated in the strictest confidence according to the Data Protection Act. It may be necessary in some cases to consult your GP before any therapies are given. All u-16’s should be accompanied by an adult.

Reduce your pain and bring the body into natural alignment and balance

Amatsu Therapy Session: £40

Maintain overall health and wellness and prevent illness and injury

Anma Massage Session: £30

Anma Massage with Hot or Cold Stones  : £40

Anma with Cupping Therapy : £40

Ease tension and reduce stress with Hot or Cold stone massage

Full body Hot stone :  £30

Full body Hot and Cold combined :  £30

Cold stone and sinus Therapy :  £25

Back , Neck and Shoulders : £25

Injury prevention – Recovery -Performance Enhancement and Simply Feel Healthier & more Mobile with Sports Specific Treatments

Amatsu Therapy :  £40

Anma Massage :  £30

Anma Massage with Cupping Therapy :  £40

Anma Massage with Orthopedic Reflexology :  £40

Orthopedic Reflexology with Cupping Therapy :  £40

Relax restore and rejuvenate with reflexology

Reflexology :  £25

Hot Stone Reflexology :  £30

Fertility, pregnancy & postnatal :  £30

Orthopedic Reflexology  : £30

Deeply relaxing massage relieving stress and tension

Indian Head massage :  £25

Indian Head Massage Hot or Cold Stones :  £30

Focusing on the deeper soft tissues releasing muscle tension and toxins

Cupping Therapy :  £30

Cupping Therapy with Hot or Cold Stones :  £35

Experience inner calm, Reiki will leave you re-energised and de-stressed

Reiki :  £30