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Anma Massage

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Anma Massage

Anma Massage Time - 45 mins

Unlike Western massage Anma utilizes no oils and can be facilitated through clothing although oils can be incorporated depending on preference. Anma is a very calming therapy which can correct the clients pain without pain or discomfort and is also extremely effective in maintaining over all health and wellbeing by preventing illness and injury if used frequently whist re balancing the whole body holistically targeting physical, mental, energetic, emotional and environmental states all at once.

- Stress, muscle tension and pain
- headaches and migraine
- revives and rejuvenates the body
- strengthens the immune system
- normalise sluggish bodily functions
- headache
- creates deep relaxation

- overall health and wellness
- pain and posture
- stress tension and fatigue
- sports- injury-recovery-performance
- Digestive issues
- headaches

Anma massage was developed to stimulate the meridians across the body much like acupuncture activating the flow of energy throughout the body creating a feeling of deep calm.

Due to its involvement in Japanese martial arts Anma massage is also very beneficial for those who put their bodies under extreme physical stress (athletes/sport) where techniques can be applied strongly and deeply as necessary to treat even the toughest of conditions without discomfort.

A Brief History - Anma Massage

Anma is oldest form of bodywork in the Orient and one of the oldest forms of massage in the world. Originating over 5000yrs ago, Anma is based on the principles of Oriental Medicine and focuses on promoting natural self healing abilities. The characteristics and power of Anma is so deep that it has formed the foundations for many other forms of massage such as Shiatsu, highlighting its remarkable potential.
This ancient healing art uses special techniques to stimulate key points (TSUBO) on the surface of the skin to promote healing, when these points are stimulated and released they release muscular tension and facilitate blood flow and energy (KITETSU)