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Cupping Therapy

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Cupping Therapy

Treatment Time - 45 mins - 1hr

One of the Oldest treatment modalities not only in Asia but also Indian and the Middle East. Like Dry Needling Cupping Therapy is a traditional Chinese Medicine technique that is utilised by many Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. Cupping Therapy has the ability to release soft tissue at a faster rate than by hand especially on tight muscle groups.

Cupping is a great alternative therapy for those suffering from sprains, muscle strains, fibromyalgia, tight muscles, digestive issues, bronchial congestion, arthritis and fertility. Cupping is also extremely beneficial in decreasing the affects of scar tissue and adhesion that will not decrease with deep tissue work.

Dry Cupping therapy relies solely on the action of suction. There are two types of dry cupping treatment . . .

FLASH CUPPING - is where the cups are placed and removed very quickly without being moved around on the skin.
GLIDING CUPPING - the cups are placed onto the body and moved around without breaking contact with the skin. This aims to increase circulation and acts as massage. Once the cups are in place they are generally left on the skin for 5-15 mins depending on treatment needed.

- Black, deep purple or Blue - indicate blood stagnation, and occurs when an injury or illness has resided in the body for a long time.
- Fresh Red colour - indicates recent trauma injury accompanying heat
- Light Pink or Light Blue - indicates mild coldness - wind cold
- Small Red dots - indicate release of heat and toxins
- Pale or white mark - indicates lots of energy and Qi function

Even the darkest marks will be less intense after 24hrs, in most cases marks will clear between 3-7 days therefore before your cupping treatment you should check your social calendar as the marks may still be visible.

Prior to your session it advisable to have eaten as cupping on an empty stomach may cause dizziness or nausea. After your session cupping drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol for 48hrs.

- Increases localised circulation, oxygen and nutrient content to the affected soft tissue
- Removes stagnate blood and toxins
- Re Initiates the healing process , stretches fascia and connective tissue
- Reduces inflammation
- Activates the lymphatic system and improves digestion
- Increases fertility
- Reduces hypertension
- ROM - Range of Movement