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Hot & Cold Stone Massage

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Hot Stone Massage

Treatment Time - 1 Hour

A deeply calming and stress relieving treatment designed to relax and rejuvenate soothing mind and body. With a combination of heated oil and the hot stones this massage will relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and promote wellbeing. A great pick me up if you are feeling burnout or fatigue an hour of pure relaxation.

Hot Stone therapy has been used for more than 2000yrs in China and has been incorporated as a healing mortality in Egypt, Africa and into Europe.

Areas of the body are massaged with the heated stones which relax the muscles allowing more effective pressure to be applied. The warmth of the stones is extremely comforting and relaxing. Treatments usually last 1 hour and a full medical consultation form will be completed be for each treatment. Hot Stones can be incorporated into any other treatment if requested.

- Relieves stress and tension
- Highly effective for muscle tension
- Eases pain from Arthritis, chronic fatigue and Fibromyalagia
- Improves sleep and insomnia
- Aids injury recovery
- Benefical for most muscular skeletal problems
- Pms

Hot & Cold Stones Combined Geo Thermo Therapy

Combining Hot and Cold stones in massage is truly therapeutic, this dynamic therapy can speed up the recovery of many musculus skeletal complaints, enhancing overall wellbeing. Combining hot and cold allows the body to receive more oxygen and nutrients at a cellular level encouraging the removal of toxins and alleviating chronic and acute muscular problems.

Based on the principles of hydrotherapy cold stones decrease inflammation, pain, muscle spasms and swelling in the body and the hot stones provide increased blood supply reducing muscle contraction and pain providing relaxation and the ease of movement.
Treatments will include a blend of heated oil and the hot and cold stones in varied temperatures and sizes to massage the body . All treatments will work on the energy meridians of the body to enhance overall wellbeing, A full medical consultation form will be completed before every treatment.

Cold Stone Massage Therapy

A deeply relaxing and powerful decongestant , cold stones are just as effective as hot when used on their own during massage. A therapeutic way to reduce inflammation, ease headaches and migraines and sinus congestion. Since many tension headaches and migraine are accompanied with neck and shoulder pain, cold stones massage these areas relieving the related symptoms. The cold marble stones help improve blood flow and are extremely beneficial to vascular headaches.

Cold stone massage uses a 3 tier approach: aromatherapy oils, massage and cold therapy. The marble stones address the vascular component to the treatment by reducing the over abundant blood flow to the head and brain, reducing those pounding symptoms and creating relaxation.
Treatments last an hour and involve cold stone massage to the upper back neck and shoulders and acupressure points will be worked on, tension released including massage to head and face combined with the strategic placement of the cold stones to the face and neck areas . This will help reduce nasal swelling and soothe sinus pressure and head ache pain. All treatments will include completing a medical consultation form before beginning.

- Reduces anxiety
- Reduces sinus congestion, headaches and migraine
- Aids menopausal symptoms
- Pms
- Fatigue
- Aids digestive conditions
- Reduces inflammation