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Amatsu Therapy

- Amatsu Therapy - A different approach to pain, injury and performance

Why choose Amatsu?
After thorough assessment, Amatsu will use the findings to work the bodies soft tissue, muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments and because of its principles of biotensegrity your treatment will also influence the ligamentous suspension of the organs, treating the whole body as a unit.

Thousands of years ago martial arts in Japan devised ways of correcting injuries sustained using their understanding of movement appreciating that everything in the body is connected. Amatsu Practitioners still embody these principles today which are combined with a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology to create a highly effective and unique therapy that is powerful but respectful to the body as a whole.

Amatsu treats the whole body as a whole, this is extremely important as it does not divide the body into distinct parts no matter what the presenting aliment is. Your body shows the history of your life, any physical breaks, strains or blows even emotional stresses and postural habits will be identified and treated from the real point of source which may not always be the point of pain.

image showing treatable Aliments


Proprioception refers to the bodies ability to sense movement within the joints and joint position. This ability enables us to know where our limbs are in space without having to look. Proprioception is essential in all everyday movement but especially so in complicated sporting movements where precise coordination is essential. Once a joint, ligament or muscle has been effected or damaged there will be a deficit in the proprioceptive ability of the individual. This can leave a person prone to injury or decrease their coordination during sport. Amatsu Therapy effectively works to enhance and restore this system globally improving coordination and preventing injury.

Anma massage

Anma massage - Why is it extremely effective for sports?

Anma has influenced the birth of many forms of massage including Shiatsu and Tuina. Anma uses special techniques to stimulate key points (Tsubo) on the surface of the skin to promote the bodies own natural self healing mechanisms. Tension in the body is caused by a build up of lactic acid and is a result of fatigue, trauma, stress and chemical imbalances and poor circulation. During Anma the soft tissues and muscles are relaxed which allows the free flow of blood and the elimination of toxins. By releasing tension in the fascia this aids freeing off Scar tissue, adhesion's giving the fascial system back its elasticity allowing much greater muscle flexibility and function, blood supply and healing muscular tension thus facilitating better communication and circulation of blood and energy (Kiketsu)

Anma utilises no oils and can be done through clothing and applied anywhere at any time. Anma balances the body and calms irritated nerves. It normalises sluggish bodily functions and keeps the body healthy and strong, Anma reduces tension, increases circulation, revives and rejuvenates allowing the body to relax. Anma Massage also helps enhance proprioception and kinesthetic awareness, Anma massage helps load the central nervous system with the sensory input, the more sensory input the more our muscles and brain connect, the better the connection the betters the body awareness and coordination, more efficient movement and better balance - precision in movement.

One of the most important uses of Anma is its use in effecting the quality of breathing, scientifically and intuitively your breath is undoubtedly significant in reaching any sporting goal. Anma massage enhances efficient breathing through technique and helps oxygenate all the muscles of the body aiding them to work more efficiently.

Cupping Therapy for Sports

Cumulative Cupping treatments will assist in the break up of scar tissue muscular adhesion's and fascial restrictions, Cupping will also increase muscle endurance, circulation, lung capacity, lymphatic drainage and over all health maintenance during strenuous activities.

Incorporating Cupping Therapy into your training will enhance overall performance, agility and better recovery ability from injury.

Nothing pulls from the body, the free radical, toxins, molecular debris better than suction, Post cupping the marks are the stagnation, dead cellular debris, pathogenic factor and most importantly toxins being drawn out of the bio system. Cupping Stretches open rather than closing the lymphatic vessels increasing the movement of lymph locally, systematically with cumulative treatments.

- no side effects
- reduce pain in muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints
- negative pressure allows for deep tissue release and improved ROM
- boost immune function detoxification

Orthopedic Reflexology

These are the exact same as for the Orthopedic Reflexology in the reflexology page

Orthopedic Reflexology addresses the importance of the core stabilty of the foot by working deeply on both the global movers (extrinisic muscles) and the local stabilizers the( intrinsic muscles). The intrinsic muscles of the foot are extremely important and any dysfunction here the foot foundation becomes compromised, unstable and malalingned.

Orthopedic Reflexology will work on the reflex points of the feet but focuses in greater detail on the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. Orthopedic Reflexology will benefit the sporting individual in situations of stress and tireness, by influencing the autonomic nervous system, in pain and injury to promote relaxation healing as well as propreoception.

Orthopedic Reflexology will effectively mobilize the release the joints of the feet, flexibility of the feet will be improved and pain conditions associated with the sclerotomes of the feet ie, lower back pain - the herapist will stimulate the normal somalosensory input that closes down the pain gate and reduces the perception of pain.

I have been trained under Spiros Dimitrakoulas, the Founder of Othopedic Reflexology, he is the Former Presidient of the Hellenic Association of Reflexology and the Chair of the Reflexology in Europe Network, Spiros also heads the team of Reflexologists at the pain clinic University Aretaieio Athens.