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Another fantastic experience with Emma, always sorts me out, thanks again

Stella Kelly

Emma thank you so much for the most amazing treatment, I can’t believe how relaxed and loose my muscles feel, I really feel so good and pain free, looking forward to next time xx

Marissa Doran

Brilliant treatment. Emma has really sorted out any injures I had, also feel like a weight has been lifted off. If you haven’t tried this, you’re missing out. Especially any sports people out there.

Grace Donaghy

Home to Armagh on holidays and asked Emma for treatment for my ongoing back pain. She is the real deal. Extremely Knowledgeable and up to date on all new and emerging techniques she really surprised me. I didn’t expect to find this in Armagh. I left aligned and moving great!

Philip Corr

Today i visited emma for an amastu treatment she was as always, professional & understanding towards my physical needs and talked me through each step of the treatment !
She is in my opinion a hollistic therapist
i came away energised & feeling that i had done something good for my body today.
Thank you emma.x

Louise Ferat