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About me

I have been a qualified Holistic therapist since 2011. I have always held a strong interest and passion for the human body studying a Biological Sciences Degree and a Certificate in Counselling through the University of Ulster. It was through taking a career break and working for the Suicide and Self Harm Charity, the Niamh Louise Foundation as a youth mentor for 3 years that my passion for training in Holistic therapies began. Working with many people at this time allowed me to experience and observe the profound therapeutic benefits of Holistic therapies. I gained great insight into the concept of pain and how it affects every person differently both mentally and physically.

I completed my Reflexology Diploma with the Angel Sanctuary, Green Castle and Indian Head Massage with Penny Price Academy of Aromatherapy then furthered my studies with a post graduate course in Hot Stone Reflexology at the Obus Wellness Centre, Dublin. Reiki then followed level 1 & 2 with Elysium Wellness Centre, Newry. Having worked with people of different ages, from the young right through to the elderly, those with serious health issues, aliments etc the concept of pain was very individual and real for each one of them. I wanted to find a therapy that could help empower my clients and also give them self management techniques to cope with pain.

This is when I discovered Amatsu therapy and completed all levels in Anma, Seitai and Shendien over a 3 year period with the Liath Amatsu Training School in Co. Kildare. My journey through Amatsu has deepened my knowledge of the human body but also enhanced my own awareness as a Practictioner, through the teachings of Dr Hatsumi and Amatsu every single client receives the holistic treatment unique to them even though their presenting problem may be the same. I have continued my personal development training with Sports Therapy Scotland completing Functional Intergrated Cupping Therapy for pain and sports Reabilitation & Kinesiology Taping course under Dr Mihir Somalya. My most recent training has been in Orthopedic Reflexology under Spiros Dimitrakoulas, founder of Orthopedic Reflexology, former President of the Hellenic Association of Reflexology and Chair of the Reflexology in Europe Network. Personal development training will always be an integral part of all my therapies ensuring I can bring the most holistic form of treatment to all my clients, ensuring that I can support, understand and listen to help treat to the best of my ability and so I can grow as a therapist with my clients with new knowledge at every stage.

Thanks Emma x

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