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Amatsu Therapy

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Amatsu Therapy

Amatsu Treatment Time - Around 45 Mins

Treatments are carried out in 2 ways depending on Client preference:

- Client is fully clothed during the treatment
- 1st part of your treatment fully clothed - 2nd part will include therapeutic Anma massage to back, neck, shoulders or areas depending on test findings.


- Pain Posture Alignment
- improves stability and flexibility of the muscular skeletal system
- reduces back pain
- reduces neck and shoulder pain
- aids recovery from sports injuries and performance enhancement
- relieves aches and pains in pregnancy
- helps alleviate digestive issues
- improves range of motion, improves circulation and releases constrictions in fascia,
muscles and other soft tissue
- improves energy levels and fatigue
- reduces stress

Amatsu Therapy uses a range of techniques to realign your physical structure, thus improving the efficiency of your fascia, muscles and ligaments, bringing about space so that internal organs can also function more effectively. 5 factors of health are considered in Amatsu called Godai, Structure, Nutrition, Energy, Emotion and Environmental as Amatsu addresses all causes of pain and dysfunction.

An Amatsu treatment is called a Balance and will normally take around 45 minutes. Initial treatments will include the completion of a medical consultation form. The treatment combines Kinesiology (muscle testing) which will provide indications of weaknesses within the body. Cranial Osteopathy, acupressure, re-patterning, alignment and massage techniques will be combined to help relieve pain and discomfort that you may be experiencing. Amatsu is a gentle non invasive therapy and is suitable for all ages from children to elderly.

The number of treatments will depend entirely on individual need and vary accordingly whether the problem is acute, chronic, diet, lifestyle etc, in general 4-6 treatments for a long lasting correction would be recommended.

Amatsu Therapy - A brief History

Amatsu Therapy is rooted in ancient Japanese art as practised by Dr Hatsumi and developed by Dennis Bartam, Amatsu is soundly based on Western scientific principles of anatomy and physiology biotensegrity and proprioception. Amatsu Therapy is a gentle form of Japanese Osteopathy that has roots from Japan more than 5000yrs ago, brought to the west in the early 1980s, it was incorporated with Osteopathic and Chiropractic principles. Amatsu Therapy's fundamental principle is to work with the bodies own natural wisdom Chi to help restore balance and aid the body’s ability to heal itself.